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We Offer the Best Electronic Waste Disposal in Laredo, TX

Electronic waste or E-waste is consumer and business electronic gadgets that have reached the end stage of their longevity. No matter how sturdy these equipment are, they have a limited shelf life and are susceptible to the common wear and tear of everyday use.

E-waste covers a wide range of products and the definition remains unclear as to what classifies as e-waste. But, to make it simpler, anything that uses electricity for power and is plugged into an electrical outlet and contains a circuit board, is considered an e-wastes.

The problem with electronic equipment is that they evolve and upgrade rapidly. The continuous modernization leaves a huge pile of e-wastes as people prefer newer models. The older units are left in one corner or stored on the shelf. As time goes by, the number of equipment belonging to the older models piles up, and disposal becomes a problem.

E-waste requires a special disposal process because it contains hazardous materials. Manufacturing companies and retail stores installed various drop boxes where consumers can drop their old gadgets and equipment for proper disposal. However, bigger appliances are difficult to get rid of. A busy work schedule also hinders consumers from taking part in this e-waste disposal campaign. So what should we do?

For safe, legal, and eco-friendly E-waste disposal, call the premier junk removal experts in Texas. We offer an ecologically compliant way of disposing of E-wastes through our systematically efficient pick-up, hauling, and disposal services. All you have to do is to book an appointment with us and set your preferred pick-up schedule.

What E-wastes do we accept?

We get rid of all types of electronic wastes both large and small scale electronics. Here are a few of the E-wastes we accept for proper disposal.

Our E-Waste Disposal Process

E-waste is prohibited and banned from your local municipal waste management provider because of the toxic chemicals present in its parts. It contains chemicals such as cadmium, lead, brominated fire retardants, and chromium which are toxic to humans and the environment.

To address the growing need for proper, legal, and safe E-waste disposal, we came up with an effective and eco-friendly way to get rid of outdated E-waste. Here’s how we do it:

  • Pickup and Hauling-
  • Before the pickup schedule, we encourage our clients to remove sensitive information on computers, phones, and other electronic devices. Although we can do it for you, we encourage our customers to do the data wiping themselves for security reasons.
  • 2. Donating-
  • E-wastes that are still in functional and operational shape are sent to our dedicated charity institutions where we donate them. We give these gadgets a second chance to serve their purpose and be of help to others who need them the most.
  • 3. Recycling-
  • E-wastes that are damaged beyond repair are sent to our partner recycling company where they dismantle them, take the good parts, and dispose of the rest. What’s good about our disposal process is that we use eco-friendly solutions that are effective and efficient.

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